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Coogee Beach Smart Beaches Project


Randwick Smart Beach Project was aimed to apply smart technologies to optimise the visitor experience at the beach, including digital aquatic safety boards, improved water and landside safety, traffic and parking management, amenities servicing and mashing up of Council and other open data to present a unified view to the beachgoer.

The following data sources have been used in the development of the digital display.

Coogee Beach Digital Display Side 1


Environment NSW

Environment NSW (DPIE) Beach water quality program monitors recreational water quality at swimming sites in the Sydney region. Data created from the project is open for reuse. This open data allows Randwick to display water quality level on their Coogee Beach digital signboards.

Weather Station

Using smart sensors over LoRaWAN provided by Meshed, Randwick are able to provide real-time localised weather information such as UV, air temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed.

Lifeguard Reports

Lifeguards report on a daily basis beach conditions that include water temperature, wave heights, any sign of bluebottle and general beach information for beachgoers to view on the digital signboards.

Bureau of Meteorology

Using open data from BoM, Randwick are able to display the forecasted daily max temperature alongside their localised real-time weather sensor data.

Coogee Beach Digital Display Side 2


Bus Timetable

Using Transport for NSW’s open data portal, we are able to ingest real-time bus arrival times at key bus stops along Coogee Beach.

Free Wi-Fi

Randwick Council provides free Wi-Fi connectivity for the local community; digital beach signboards show how many people are currently using the public Wi-Fi.

Free Lockers

Yellow box’s Smart Lockers providing real-time locker availability.


Using Randwick Council Wi-Fi Network to detect amenities occupancy level by counting the number of Wi-Fi signals emitted by non-identifiable mobile devices in a radius around the amenities.

Free BBQ

The integration of Christie Barbecues smart cooktops, equipped with smart sensor technologies provides Beachgoers with real-time availability of BBQ north and south of Coogee Beach.


DCA Solutions has provided cameras and parking sensors north of Coogee Beach, enabling display of real-time parking availability on the digital signboards.

Ride Sharing

Ola ride sharing is providing estimate wait times and displayed on the digital signboard.


Smart City Solutions have provided sensor technology in bins to collect filling level, using this information Randwick City Council is able to calculate the amount of waste generted by beachgoers on Coogee Beach.

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