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Making the waste of some the resource of others

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Industrial Symbiosis is a sub-discipline of Circular Economy focusing on Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste.

The goal of Industrial Symbiosis is to bring together companies from different sectors in an effort to promote the reuse of waste, improve resource efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Industrial Symbiosis engages traditionally separate industries in a collective approach involving physical exchange of materials, energy, water, and/or by-products. The keys to Industrial Symbiosis are collaboration and the synergistic possibilities offered by geographic proximity.

The key challenge in implementing Industrial Symbiosis is the lack of waste and resource data at individual business level to identify potential synergies between them.

Our solution

Peclet Technology’s solution automatically predicts waste generated by local businesses on one hand and potential waste takers on the other hand. From the data we can identify untapped local material exchange networks, the need for new waste transformation infrastructure and provide valuable data to attract new Circular Economy businesses investment in your area.

The solution relies on open data sources, an existing database of 800,000+ businesses, a predictive analytics model and expert knowledge in waste vs. resources transformation in-built into the model.

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