City of Greater Geelong
Data Exchange.

The City of Greater Geelong Launches a Data Exchange portal to Support its Plans for a Clever and Creative Future

The City of Greater Geelong, in collaboration with Opendatasoft and Peclet Technology, officially launched its public data sharing portal. The portal supports the city’s actions to become a leader in innovative and creative urban management by developing and adopting new technology.

This data sharing initiative was made possible in part by Australia’s national Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. The program provides local government agencies and bodies with grants of $250,000 to $5 million to support projects that apply innovative technology-based solutions to urban challenges to improve the liveability, productivity and sustainability of Australian cities, suburbs and towns.

The City of Greater Geelong’s data portal makes it easier for anyone to view, obtain and use the information the city has gathered, including static data, geospatial data and real-time IoT sensors data. It allows users to search, combine, export, and share data under the city’s open data license. The datasets are provided in multiple formats, including APIs and can be visualized in charts, graphs and tables.

Smart City and Open Data Portal of Southern Grampians Shire Council

Southern Grampians Shire Council (SGCS) are working on a number of technology-based projects in the Southern Grampians Shire and Greater Hamilton region to better connect the community and showcase some innovative and effective uses of current technology. The cloud-based data portal is accessible to everyone in the community via open data. The website offers a user-friendly interface improving accessibility regardless of technical knowledge or background. Farmers can access real-time hyperlocal weather information (e.g. rain, humidity, temperature), allowing them to make more informed decisions based on accurate and timely data.

“The Opendatasoft platform allows our community to create their own visualizations and slice and dice the data any way they choose. Commencing with localized weather data and parking data, Southern Grampians Shire Council will continue to add datasets to this user-friendly community portal,” said Russell Bennett, Manager Business Systems at Southern Grampians Shire Council.

Souther Grampians Shire Council
Smart Cities and
Open Data Portal

Randwick City Council improving the experience for beach goers at popular Coogee Beach

Randwick City Council applied smart techologies to optimse the visitor experience at Coogee Beach, including digital aquatic safety boards, improved water and landside safety, traffic and parking management, amenities servicing and mashing up of Council and other open data to present a unified view to the beachgoer.
Real-time and scheduled data was used from multiple sources including IoT Sensors, Environment NSW, Bureau of Meteorology, Transport for NSW, LifeGuard Reports and more ingested into Ubidots and Opendatasoft to store, transform, visualise and monitoring the digital display as seen on the right.

Beach goers now have access to view real-time information about the beach conditions, services, amenities and transports across four location on Coogee Beach.



Randwick Cty Council
Digital Smart Beach Signage

City of Ballarat
Data Exchange

Connecting Ballarat

The citizens and businesses of Ballarat want a more ‘user-friendly’ city. With this, Open Data is a key component of The City of Ballarat’s Digital Service Strategy. Ballart have provided open access for appropriate data sets to businesses and community. Clear policies and legal arrangements will be in place to ensure data privacy, security and other requirements. The City of Ballarat Data Exchange is based on Opendatasoft to provide easy access to raw data for any users to create and share their own visualisations as well as pre-defined dashboards.

“The City of Ballarat is a special place to live and to visit. As Mayor, I want to see the city and its people continue to grow and prosper. Emerging technologies such as smart phones, wearable devices, sensors and web services are becoming an important part of how residents, visitors and businesses interact with the city. I want to make the digital experience the most user friendly possible for everyone who lives, works or visits the City of Ballarat.” Councillor Des Hudson, Mayor


Eurobodalla Shire Council Smart Region Internet of Things Pilot

Eurobodalla Shire Council embarked on a pilot IoT program to collect a range of Council operational data from sensors over LoRaWAN and The Things Network. The data collected for each use case is visualised on Ubidots monitoring dashboards to assist in obtaining better understanding operations and trends over time. Ubidots events are also triggered to send relevent alerts to local businesses such as the neighbouring creek flood levels. The data collected has become crucial for business decisions, for example it allows the Council to have greater accuracy around Princess Highway traffic monitoring through Batemands Bay, and has been used to support the right sizing and design of the new Batemans Bay bridge.

Use Cases are:

  • People Counting for Library
  • Creek Level Monitoring
  • Weather Stations
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Bins
  • GPS Location
  • Traffic Counting (Batemans Bay Bridge)
  • Flying Fox Counting

Eurobodalla Shire Council
Smart Region Platforms