City of Gold Coast open data

City of Gold Coast open data

Only a handful of councils in Australia have opened their data. Our quick research identified Brisbane and Gold Coast in Queensland, Mosman in NSW, Hobart, Launceston and Glenorchy in Tasmania, and Ballarat and Geelong in Victoria. There could be a few more, and we’ll publish a more detailed post on that topic in a near future.

The City of Gold Coast is one of the most “open” council to date, with approximately 44 datasets available for download on the national open data catalogue.

Most of these datasets are in CSV, shp, kmz, JSON etc. format. It is a great start, however, it can be challenging for the non-technical users to open some of these files.

We’ve loaded some of them on the OpenDataSoft platform and tried to make them “easy” to explore. The result can be accessed here:

In just a few clicks,  it was possible to bring together on a map some of the public facilities (e.g public showers, bike racks, boat ramps etc.) and other datasets (e.g heritage building, real time road closure). We can already think of a few very simple user stories where anyone could make good use of this data:

“Where can I find a public BBQ, close to the beach with tap and shower nearby? ” (note: Below mashup can also be accessed in full screen mode)


“Where is the closest boat ramp? Is there any road closure on the way? Is there a tap next to the ramp to clean the boat?”

Some other datasets available on the Gold Coast catalogue can be better visualised on a graph.

For example, the graph below displays crime stats in different areas of the Gold Coast region, based on 2008-2012 crime data from the Queensland Police (raw data can be accessed here).

Source dataset: Recorded Offences for the Gold Coast, Queensland Police Service Crime Statistics

Another example is the pie chart below, based on 2014-15 Gold Coast council expense budget (raw data can be accessed here)

Source dataset: City of Gold Coast Annual Budget by Service Summary, City of Gold Coast

It is then straightforward to embed those graphs into a dashboard as for example We will expand further on the concept of  “city dashboard” in a future post. Stay tuned…

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