Smart meters, IoT sensors real time data storage, monitoring and sharing


The Internet of Thing (IoT) is happening right now ! Connected objects are being deployed everywhere: utility companies, logistics, smart cities… and tens of millions of records are generated every day by those devices.

Due to its scalable design based on big data technologies, OpenDataSoft is the ideal solution to store the vast amount of data generated by your network of electronic devices. Data can then be made available in real time to third parties via API and monitoring dashboards can be developed using our analytics tools.

The featured image is an example of a smart city monitoring dashboard developed using OpenDataSoft. The platform is used to collect, store and aggregate data from heterogeneous sources (smart meters, weather stations, sensors…). The dashboard helps local councils and private companies (e.g. transportation, utilities, energy suppliers) monitor and share key data through visualisations and make better decisions regarding energy consumption, water quality and traffic.

The screenshot displays the location of sensors, water consumption, public pools’ water quality, energy consumption of public venues, temperature in key locations and air quality.