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We’ll help you open any data…

Static or real time, small or big, structured or unstructured

... with anyone ...

your clients, your community, your business partners, your internal stakeholders

... and bring it to life

through maps, charts, graphs, widgets and APIs


World leading open data solution, local implementation.

We have selected the best data sharing components and brought them to Australia.

Whether you need to build an Open Data portal, share a reporting dashboard with your community or business partners, expose a Data API to foster open innovation, monetise your data through a data marketplace or have any other data sharing project in mind, we can provide the component(s) you need.

To see how our clients are using our product to support their data sharing initiatives please visit our case studies page.

At the core of our platform sits OpenDataSoft, a leading turnkey open data solution. Additional component(s) such as ETL can be added if required. Everything is on the cloud, provided as a service.

The technology solution features the following:

  • Automatic data-API generation: Any dataset loaded on the platform can be consumed by third party web and mobile applications through a standard data API generated automatically.
  • From static to highly versatile data: Data can be imported manually (static data), scheduled to be pulled on a regular basis (e.g. daily, weekly), or pushed into our platform to support the need for real time (e.g. sensors and smart meters data).
  • From small to big data: Designed using big data technologies (e.g. NoSQL database), our solution can support datasets with up to millions of records.
Open data solution
Open Data to API
  • Complex data transformation: Our ETL (Extract Transform Load) component includes a library of 800+ connectors to support any data extraction and transformation (Coming soon: Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) connector to unlock the value of information contained in pdf, paper records or handwritten forms).
  • Data visualisation and social features: The platform comes with a range of data visualisation tools so that you can bring your data to life through maps and charts. Your data visualisations can then easily be embedded into websites, blogs and social media using our sharing features.
  • Data monetisation: API management functionalities allow close monitoring of who is consuming your data and to potentially generate revenue from it.
  • Easy publication of data: Last and not least, our intuitive user interface has been designed for business users to publish, analyse and make the best of their data.
Open Data to API
To understand how to easily prepare, publish and visualize data on the OpenDataSoft platform, watch the video below:

Who we are & what we do:

We are a Sydney based team of consultants, developers, data scientists and open data bloggers. We are the first company in Australia bringing together exceptional open data technologies and data analytics skills.

We consult, design, analyse, build and support. We are all passionate about data. We are thriving to bring the best data sharing technologies to Australia. Key members of our Sydney based team are presented below. You can also meet the brains behind OpenDataSoft’s magic.

Alex Sales

Alex Sales

Founder & Director

Narbeh Yousefian

Narbeh Yousefian

Data scientist

Harold Quinones

Harold Quinones

UX & Front end developer

Vince Man

Vince Man

Data API pricing specialist

We provide a range of services to assist with your Open Data / data sharing initiative:

Integration with data sources, transformation, cleansing and loading of data onto our open data platform.

Design and implementation of branded Open Data portal or any other type of data sharing solution.

Configuration of reports, dashboard, maps and other data visualizations.


On-going support through online helpdesk, phone and email.

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